Change Of Perspective

When we were first quarantined back in March I personally wasn’t freaked out if someone was “too close” to me, meaning less than 6 feet away. But as time went on and the Covid cases here escalated I grew very wary of anyone other than the people I live with being less than 6 feet away. I didn’t go many places during that time; mainly food shopping and the occasional trip to Home Depot with my husband. We started and completed a few; had to be done house projects.

Now things are opening up and we are still wearing masks. I don’t get nervous being around close family for example my mom or sister. During the height of quarantine I was nervous to be around my mom as she was really afraid of contracting Covid. I was afraid that I was carrying it unknowingly and would transfer it to her. My mom lives in NJ and they are one phase ahead of us in re-opening.

So Thursday afternoon I ventured to nearby Bayonne NJ to have a pedicure. Nail salons have reopened in NJ. The salon had hard, clear plastic barriers between the pedicure chairs and also between me and the nail person with a cut out square where my feet went. Everyone was wearing a mask. While eves dropping I discovered I wasn’t the only patron from NY. Anyway I felt that the salon was crowded. I’m not aware of the rules of how many people can be together in one place, or how big the establishment needs to be to accommodate so many people. So anyway I did get the pedicure but left about 5 minutes after sitting at the dryer. I wasn’t comfortable being so close to people. Now I wonder if I’ll still be uncomfortable in the near future as my state continues to open back up. I spend my hours at work wearing a mask. I don’t see that changing anytime soon in the future.

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