We all have stress; all of us. So don’t think that I think I’m any different or more stressed than anyone else. I‘be said before that I’m in school for my Bachelors degree in Nursing. Something I never imagined myself doing. But man this is hard. I’m talking mainly about this freaking Bio chem class I have yet to pass and finish. I don’t even want to excel in the class; passing by the skin of my teeth is good enough.

I’ve had to begin my next class while trying to figure out the exasperating bio chem. The next class is Care of The Elderly and this I can get into because it’s actual nursing! And everything makes sense to me. The readings are long but not torturous. This I can enjoy.

I’m also working, but work isn’t particularly stressful. I mean we have certain stressful situations that arise here and there, and personality conflicts as usual. But work itself, it’s going well. The way my school is running is in person vs remote learning, is that a certain group of students come to school for one week (5 days) then the next week they are home and learning remotely. In the meantime during that next week are a whole other group of in person students. These first couple of weeks have been a little confusing but it will all work out and we will all be in sync with each other soon enough.

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