Different But The Same

So we are back in school. Some students are fully remote like any typical school and some students are blended where one week they attend school in person and the next week they are remote. It was a little confusing to begin with which students need nursing procedures and meds and what week they were attending? The first week was relatively smooth, one of my favorite students who needs nursing care was in attendance and it was so so good to see him; I haven’t seen my students since March when they closed the schools down. And I’ve missed my students so much. Before the quarantine and closing schools I would see these kids everyday rain or shine. Some for a few minutes, others for a bit longer and some multiple times a day. And then there’s the medically fragile students who need more care and eyes on them than other students. They usually have a one to one para professional and they will alert me if they have concerns or questions I’ve built up trust with a lot of paras and they know I will come right away if they feel something isn’t right with the child or if they have a seizure.

Our paras here are amazing. Yes I’m very partial and haven’t witnessed how other paras function outside of District 75/Special education. I like it here in District 75. After spending the summer working at the recreation center with typical kids I still prefer my D75 kids. Yes it’s more challenging and some students have unpredictable behavior but for the most part they are extremely polite and just thankful when you have taken care of them. Even when it’s something as minor as a nosebleed. They will listen to me. The typical children at the recreation center would refuse to wash say a small bleeding cut on their hand. They would be freaking out that it was going to hurt. I would have to cajole and almost stand on my head to get an abrasion cleaned up. My D75 students aren’t like that. If I ask them gently to wash their hands or apply pressure to a bleeding knee abrasion they pretty much do as they’re told. Even the students who don’t like to be touched due to sensory issues are usually good about receiving nursing care and following directions.

I seriously can’t wait until all my students are back at school full time. I consider myself lucky that we’re back at all. But I miss how things used to be. I know I’m not alone that I want this whole covid and being socially distant and wearing masks time of this life to be over.

I do wish our schedules were different. I liked the busyness of a full school with all my student that I give care too in attendance. The day went fast and I love what I do.

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