Halloween Huh?

I’m not a big Halloween person, I never really was. Even as a kid. I mean we dressed up every year and gave out candy but the house decorations of years past compared to house decorations of this present time are nothing! I remember my Aunt Marge *loved* Halloween. She had the coolest vintage/antique cards and house decorations ever. She made you want to like Halloween even though it wasn’t really your thing.

So this year with Covid still a concern we weren’t sure if we would get our usual extremely high number of trick or treaters. So we didn’t really buy that much candy and since I’m being honest we ate most of it before the big day arrived. Yesterday morning I was scheduled to take a proctored final on my computer for my online BSN class, “Care of the Elderly.” Things didn’t work out, the online proctor couldn’t access control of my computer for whatever reason so I chucked it in, rescheduled for later that day and headed of to Shoprite; what I usually do on a Saturday morning.

After a usual trip to the Sal Val thrift shop I did some laundry, vacuumed; chores I mainly do on the weekend. Next thing I know there are a ton and I mean a ton of trick or treaters in my ‘hood. Crazy I tell you. We kept our front door closed so people wouldn’t come to us, but that didn’t stop our lunatic, anxiety filled, barking dog Lola from being herself and barking crazily at anyone who had the nerve to walk past our house. Insane I tell you; and she’s medicated with a prescription from the vet.

Next thing I knew it was 4:00pm and time for my test. Again the proctor had an issue with my computer so thankfully Lelly was still home and I was able to use her’s. I was in Alyssa’s room in the attic and Lola was barking and barking. Crazy hound. I managed to work and finish the exam.

Aaaaaaand I passed!!! I was so, so excited. I finished the test not knowing which way it was going to go; pass or fail… I didn’t feel confident either way. One more class closer to finishing!!

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