Shoppers Sky!

I’ve posted before whether it be on Facebook or in part of a blog post that whenever I have a great shopping day its been a “Shopper’s Sky!” My dad used to say that to me whenever I had a great shopping trip. Before he passed I was thrift shopping more and more and he got a real kick out of my finds. He would bring up memories of his mom going to the thrift store and finding him warm coats and jackets and he remembered wearing them until they were totally worn out. My dad also used to say he and I were “frugal” because his mom was Scottish, that Scots were on the cheap side. Well I can vouch for that for certain purchases. Not for the majority of my bags, however I have found high end bags and accessories at the thrift and I use them with the same enthusiasm as those I’ve purchased in the boutique.

So last week my Alyssa mentioned that she follows specific Instagram accounts, people who are selling pre-loves designer accessories and goods, mostly found at the thrift. She asked if we could do the same? I said yes! I would love to do that and share my finds! So we’ve decided to name our Instagram account “Shopper’s Sky”. I love it and couldn’t think of a better name!

So stay tuned and don’t forget to check out Shoppers Sky on Instagram!!

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