So it looks like we’ll be swearing in a new President come January. I’m ok with that. I am not “into” politics, I never really have been. Sometimes local figures catch my interest because I can usually see their work right in front of me and then I’ll be impressed that someone actually did something. But national politics? Ha, no way! And I won’t talk politics with anyone. Not even my husband and we’re usually on the same page. About a week and a half ago Tommy wanted to talk about the upcoming election. I told him I don’t talk politics. “But I’m your husband!” Nope I wouldn’t budge.

So here we are on the cusp of a new administration. I’m still not talking about him/her/they. I don’t see the point. No one is going to change the other’s mind about where they stand. And people getting so giddy or distraught? I don’t get it. Any one candidate can say they’re going to do A, B, or C. I’m not impressed with any one person until they actually do something they said they would do. And that’s not only on a national level but a local level as well. I think I follow local politicians more closely than national ones.

Thankfully I don’t pick my friends based on their political views. I would say that most of them happen to be like minded but these are lifelong soul sisters and brothers and we rarely if ever talk politics. We don’t avoid the subject it just doesn’t come up.

I have to go, there’s yard sales to get to!

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