Bio Chem…

This class is getting the best of me. I immensely dislike this class and I hate to admit something like that. I’m not going to say it’s a useless class, there are some lessons that are very useful and I am learning information in a more in depth manner than I was originally taught way back when I was in the associates program. However there are portions of the course that I believe are unnecessary. There I said it. But it’s not up to me to decide what is necessary to learn and what is not.

This college I’m attending has “objective assessments” that is essentially the final exam. They give you more than one chance to pass. However if you do not pass the first time you are placed in “remediation” and expected to do all this review work and homework and meet via phone conference or web conference with available course instructors. This is where I’m at. Remediation. I don’t mind the review work, it’s been very helpful, I wish someone had pointed this out before. But ok we’re here now. I also don’t mind meeting with the course instructors. They’re very smart and they just love bio chem. Sometimes I want to gag but that wouldn’t be nice. Plus I really do need their help. So I’m polite.

I’m hoping to finish up all my review work *and* another pre test this coming week so that I can take the final again and with a whole lot of prayer and Jesus pass this class and put it behind me. If you feel like praying for me go at it I need it!

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