A Weekend Away

Tommy and I decided to celebrate our anniversary somehow so we went down the Jersey Shore to the very southern tip to a town called Cape May. It’s a great town with tons of Victorian homes and bed and breakfast’s. We stayed at a hotel that was right across from the beach, we had the most awesome view from our front door of the beach. The beach itself was gorgeous. And you could tell it wasn’t that way because it is the off season. We walked down to the water shoes sinking in the sand the whole time. We got to the water and it was breathtaking. The view was incredible. It was a gorgeous day out; 65 degrees but there was no way I was taking my shoes off to test out the water.

In Cape May they have a small town with shops and stores, some expensive boutique types some touristy. There was even a throwback store; a 5 and dime! That was pretty cool. We visited some of the stores but then we had enough of the town and decided to drive down to Atlantic City to shop the outlets there. Yayyyy! We spent a couple of hours there Christmas shopping for the most part. Tommy went to Bass Pro Shop since we don’t have one anywhere around here. I chose to shop in other stores more my speed.

Friday evening we had reservations at a winery/restaurant. It was an adventure getting there, the grounds were a farm/vineyard in the middle of nowhere. Finally we were in the right trail. It was very nice we sat inside and were served fast. Like very fast. I kind of felt as though they were like, ok here’s dinner…bye!

Saturday afternoon we went whale watching and that was pretty cool. We did see a whale and watched it blow water out the blow hole and dive under the water and come up again. I’d never seen a whale so I though it was pretty cool. Tommy did too.

Next thing we know it’s Sunday morning and we’re off to go home. We were ok with that, it was time. On the way home we hit another outlet mall and we breezed through in about an hour or so. That was fine. We were both ready to get home. I missed my kids and my house. I like going away but at the same time it’s nice to return home afterwards. There’s nothing like your own kitchen to cook dinner and your own dishes to wash lol!

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