I’m not writing about Covid because it’s all we see on the news and all we seem to talk about. I’m here to discuss the holidays. And since I am a Christian, I’m writing about Christmas. I have my tree up and most of the house decorated. There are some decorations that I changed their usual place of storage and now can’t find them. I’m not that worried because I’m sure they are in a nice safe place wherever that may be.

I usually put the tree up right after Thanksgiving and this year was no different. I wished I had the time to do it earlier but it didn’t work out. The house is festive with the tree up. I enjoyed putting the ornaments up too this year. Most of my ornaments are ones that my kids have made when they were in grammar school. I love those. The rest are slowly being changed over to non breakable ornaments. You would think at this point in my life with the kids grown/older I wouldn’t have to worry about things breaking. Yeah…not so much. It’s the animals! Omg, we have one dog who I swear thinks she’s a lot smaller than she really is. Riley is part golden lab part golden retriever and she insists on walking through the small space between the love seat and the Christmas tree, taking ornaments with her. All you hear is the clanging of glass and every now and then the crash of one hitting the floor. At least the cats don’t climb in the tree anymore. That would make me crazy.

I’ve done quite a bit of Christmas shopping this weekend. It was nice to tick off the list or have the girls send me links to what they want. Lelly says she usually forgets what she tells me to but by the time Christmas Day rolls around. She’s funny. I got my fix for shopping while shopping for others. The only person who is hard to shop for is Thomas. He has so many things and clothes already. And he’s not like into anything like video games or television programs or sports. He’s a tough one. He does love clothes and shopping. I have no idea where he would get that from…

I also hit the thrift on Black Friday where everything was half off! Shoppers Sky I tell you! I didn’t hit the jackpot this time but still walked away with nice things. It was crowded too. But the people were nice so all was well.

I hope we all get our shopping done early so we’re able to truly enjoy the season. Covid or no Covid!

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