Being a Vaccinator

Last week I was able to receive my first of two Covid vaccine doses. I had no qualms about receiving it, and I had minimal side effects just a mildly sore arm for a day or two. This past Monday, one of my nursing coworkers asked me to come to one of the local high-schools that is a “POD” (point of distribution) for the Covid vaccine. As an RN, I would be a vaccinator. Add that to my resume. I had to be vetted/background checked before they let me work. So I was asked to go home in order for the people in charge to speak to those higher up and it might take a while. They called me to return to the high school a few hours later to begin work.

The line of people registered to receive the vaccine is at least a block and a half long outside the school. It wraps around the back of the school where it ends inside the building in one of the main entrances of the school. The people inside still have to make it across the cafeteria to yet another line where they are then divided out to available nurses aka vaccinators to receive their dose.

After waiting for a couple of hours outside in the cold, people are so happy to see a nurse ready to give them the Covid vaccine. You would expect some grumpiness or sour attitude especially after a long wait, but no. I receive nothing but smiles and relief to be sitting at my station. The giving of the injection itself takes about 2 minutes. But I don’t rush anyone; most people want to talk a bit, and that’s ok. Then there’s the taking off of the outerwear and getting me access to their upper arm where the injection is given.

I have been having such a pleasant experience giving Covid vaccinations. The people working there have been nothing but nice; asking what do you need, what can I get for you? PPE is provided and so is dinner. What more could one ask for?

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