People and Their Stories

Everyone has a story in their life. Whether it be something joyous, traumatic, heartbreaking or an event that has changed them forever. Working as a vaccinator, giving people the Covid 19 vaccine by injection these past 2 weeks had been a pleasure let me tell you. Everyone working the POD (Point Of Distribution) has been great and very helpful. There are designated leaders, a tech leader, vaccine leader and an overall POD leader. We even had a wonderful physician there yesterday to lob questions off of when unclear situations arose.

Yesterday this gentleman sat down at my station. We were waiting for the doctor as I had some questions concerning prescription meds this man was taking and the vaccine. While we were waiting: out of no where this man began telling me about his now deceased wife. How she died of breast cancer. He told me the story straight without breaking down and I was amazed at all he went through; that he loved so very much, still loved her. How he took care of her and was just there for her both physically and emotionally. It was truly a testimony of love and a testimony to marriage; “in sickness and in health.” After he finished talking the doctor became available and we cleared up the questions and I gave the man his vaccine. Before he left to go home he stopped by my table to show me a picture of his wife. She was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t cry yesterday but I feel teary eyed now retelling the story.

There was also a male client who told me he had an autistic son. I told the client I also have a special needs son in a group home and that Thomas adjusted very well to living in his group home. The man said they had a similar situation; his son adjusted wonderfully as well. He was quiet though, but not in a bad way, more like a man of few words quiet. And that was fine. I am always amazed at what a small world we live in and that you never know someone’s story until they invite you in. Yesterday I was privileged to be invited in to hear people’s stories.

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