The Wedding!

Alyssa is our oldest girl. She’s two years younger than Thomas, and with him being special needs and the first girl she takes on more of an oldest child personality than anything else. Well this young woman is going to be married in less than 2 weeks! It’s amazing. She and Sam her fiancé have been together since they were about 15-16 years old. And we adore Sam. He’s such a great guy. He talks to you, actually talks! About anything, work, sports, you name it.

Sam waited to propose until after Alyssa graduated college. He even asked Tommy’s blessing before he proposed. Totally sweet and traditional. I’m excited for them. Excited for them to be their own little family. For them to travel together and make even more memories than they already have.

I know I’m not losing my daughter. This is a shift in our relationship. I already talk to her and have fun with her as an adult although she’ll always be my daughter. I’ll forever be thankful for Alyssa. After so much of the unknown that went on with Thomas all the tests and doctors; along comes this perfectly, perfect, typical baby girl. Alyssa was an amazing baby. Not because she was so advanced and a genius and read by the time she was a year old (haha no…) but because she met every milestone at the exact time she was supposed to. She was a gift from God to show me how wonderful and magical a typical child could be. And she did it all exactly when she was supposed to.

My Alyssa is smart and beautiful and sweet and empathetic and thoughtful and everything anyone could ever ask for in their first born daughter. I was telling myself I’m not going to cry when she walks down the aisle. Nope, not going to cry. But now writing this, I’m not so sure. And why will I be crying? Is it because she’s still meeting those milestones so perfectly? Or because I’ll be so happy for her to be marrying such a wonderful young man who I know loves her so very much. Hard to tell. Maybe waterproof mascara is the way to go.

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