A Son In Law!!

Alyssa and Sam were married yesterday. The weather was perfect for March; a sunny, cool clear day. The maid of honor and bridesmaids were beautiful, Sam and his best man and groomsman were unbelievably handsome and my daughter made a stunning bride. I know I am prejudiced she is my daughter but I also know what a pretty young woman she is.

I teared up a little when she came walking down the aisle with Tommy and also when he officially gave her away and then I was fine, caught up in the lovely ceremony Pastor Ed gave. We took pictures outside the church and discovered that Thomas who did attend the church ceremony with one of his group home staff members named Laura just wasn’t feeling it; he would not be going to the reception. He was beginning to melt down and Tommy and I and Laura decided the best course of action was to get Thomas back to the group home. It’s not the plan we wanted but it was the best plan for the situation we faced.

On to the reception! My mom drove Tommy and I and Samantha and my brother in law Vinny from the church to the venue. We had an amazing and wonderful time! It was great to be a guest at a large party and mingle and chat and drink. It’s funny, you spend so much time being the host for various parties for your children and then all of a sudden you’re a guest at their wedding! People were asking me details about the reception and photographer, etc… and I did not have the answers. Why? Because it wasn’t *my* wedding, it was my daughter and Sam’s wedding and they planned the whole thing themselves. So I was more than happy to answer “I don’t know” because I really did not know.

We made our way up to the upper floor after the cocktail hour was over. The DJ introduced the bridal party then the big into of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Corso! They both were radiant and proud, such a great moment! They danced their first dance and I loved it, then Tommy danced with Alyssa and I cried. It was too much, I kept picturing this little girl with big hair talking to me, running down the street. Omg it was too much. After they were done I threw my arms around my beautiful daughter and ugly cried telling her how much I love her. “I love you too” Alyssa answered all calm, just like she’s always said to me.

It was an amazing night, we were able to see family and talk and catch up. My mother in law was able to leave the nursing home and attend the wedding. We haven’t seen my mother in law in over a year so that was really great.

It’s an odd feeling giving your daughter away. I know she loves Sam and he adores her. It’s not that I’m worried she’ll be unhappy it’s more a melancholy feeling. It’s so true that the days are long but the years are short. I remember when everyone was in grammar school, time just seemed to drag and I thought we would be at that stage forever. Then the next thing I knew Alyssa was in high school and the next 4 years flew by like crazy! I’m going to miss seeing her everyday. They don’t live far thank God and we will still text and talk just about everyday. But it’s different. And that’s ok. Sam and Alyssa are they’re own family and I’m so so happy for them. Their future is very bright!

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