Leaving Las Vegas!

Of course I have the Elvis Presley song running through my head, I think it’s Elvis well anyway…we are at the airport awaiting our flight home. After a week away I’m ready to go home. I miss my kids, I miss my dogs and cats who make me laugh. Lelly said the dogs have been “very bad”. I don’t know what that means I’m just glad I wasn’t there to witness it haha!I also miss my life at home. I don’t return to work yet so I’m happy to go home and just “be”. I have a few appointments to take care of and of course I miss thrifting. Tommy did entertain me with going to the outlet malls here but it’s not the same of course. The hotels here have every high end store you can imagine in their mall areas. Louis Vuitton, Hermès (at the Bellagio), Tiffany, Stuart Weizmann shoes, omg the list goes on and on. I rarely shop retail so those shops weren’t any fun for me. Nice to look in but meh…. My awesome husband bought me an early anniversary gift this beautiful pearl ring. Our anniversary isn’t until November. He also gifted me this very pretty Movado watch that has a face and second hand which I need for work. So I’ll wear the watch just about every day and think of him.

We *almost* invested in a piece of art. We visited on of the art galleries in one of the malls and we were both si impressed with the works of Dale Mathis. His work really spoke to the both of us. But in the end we mutually decided it just wasn’t for us. If we ever do decide to invest in art the piece will yell “take me home!”

I think we hit a lot of attractions during our week. We went to the Mob Museum. Yes there is such a thing. It was so interesting, there was a main focus of the mafia in Vegas but there was also history from other states such as New York, Chicago, etc…. Names we were familiar with and people who were well known because they were murdered by someone famous in that society.

We also hit Fremont St. More commonly known as “old Las Vegas”. At first we went in the morning and thought we’ll this is nice, how historical. Then one of our cab drivers says No man! You have to go at night! So off we went. Totally different vibe at night literally like night and day haha! I’ve never seen so many woman’s asses in thongs and boobs with nipples covered with pasties than here in Vegas. Amazing I tell you.

I got hooked on the penny slots (hangs head in shame). I didn’t lose a lot of money. But I loved sitting there and killing a half hour or so betting 50 cents at a pop, sometimes 75 cents if I was feeling a little crazy. Suffice to say I won a couple times but lost more than a couple of times. Neither Tommy or I are really gamblers, but sometimes it was fun to walk around the casinos and watch other people. I know some people will set aside an amount of money to play or gamble with but I don’t have that gene. I get mad when I lose more than I intended to play. At least if I go shopping I have something to show for my money you know?

So our flight will be called soon, it was definitely a memorable vacation.

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