End of Summer

September 1st, wow. Hard to believe how fast July and August went by. I worked most of the summer and the time working didn’t fly by so fast but the time I am home seems to be. Last week Tommy and I were in Las Vegas and I’m so grateful our vacation wasn’t a whirl wind. The time seemed to pass at just the right speed: And then we are home again. Back to an odd rhythm, I’m not back to work until the 9th but Tommy is back to work. Lelly started back at college but Samantha doesn’t start high school until the 13th. Plus Lelly is at school some days and at work other days. She’s hard to keep track of.

I’m enjoying being home for the time being. It’s nice to do a couple of projects that I wouldn’t normally have time for. Samantha and I cleared out Alyssa’s things from her room that she left behind after she was married, and we cleared out things from Samantha’s old room that she no longer had the need for. The trash collectors are going to love us this weekend. I’m glad we were able to get rid of so much “stuff”. Now we have a proper guest room/office. Although I don’t know if anyone will use the room as an office. I earned my bachelors degree at the dining room table. I mean we all have laptops so the days of being tied to a desk top computer are pretty much over for us anyway.

I’m debating continuing on for my Masters. I’m totally enjoying not being in school right now so I’m not sure when I would start that. Things will fall into place when they are meant to.

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