I haven’t discussed this much with anyone outside of Tommy and my mom but I’m debating going for my Masters degree. I’ve given myself until February to make up my mind. After doing the work for my Bachelors I have to say it’s nice to not be doing school work or having a paper being due hanging over my head. However…I feel as that if I don’t go for it within the next 6 months or so, I won’t do it at all. And I wonder if it will be something I’ll regret.

If I do go for it I will be over-qualified for my current job. And I have no desire to be a supervisor. That’s just not my style. I enjoy my job. Am I busy just about every day? Hell yes. But it’s a busy that’s way different than any other job I’ve held including the hospital. Working in a hospital is not for me. I’m glad I’ve found my niche at the school where I work. I never thought working with special Ed/medically fragile students would be as great as it is. I remember when I applied for the job I hovered over the “submit” button for more than a minute or two. Thinking, this is from God, you’re going to get this job…I stopped thinking and just hit submit to send my resume off.

Anyway back to the masters degree; I have no desire right now to leave my job, however that doesn’t mean something could come up around the corner that I would want and not be qualified for. That would suck. I’ll just keep mulling it over and pray on it.

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