Experiences and Being The Light.

We all have experiences in life that change us. We are on a particular path and all is what we expected from that path and then…you’re not on that path any longer. You’re on a new unexpected road that there’s no way you would have chosen. A road with bumps, divots and more continuous paths to chose. And there’s very little advice to guide you in making new choices on this new path.

I read a meme on Facebook that said something to the effect that your story can be the guide or light for someone else. And it really hit home. I always think of my life experiences and how I could be of help to someone else or be a light in someone’s darkness. There are many groups one can join with members who have similar life experiences; whether it be raising a child with disabilities, raising a child with similar disabilities, being a single parent, I could go on. I had the added bonus of having a child who hit me and something had to give. I was sent spiraling into an abyss of depression and PTSD. Some days I wonder if that part of my story is what I’m supposed to share to be the light for someone. That even in the middle of a horrible time in life it’s not the end of your story. Things will get better. Take advantage of doctors and therapists. That’s what they are there for. If you had a broken leg you would consult a bone specialist. If you have a broken mind you consult with the appropriate specialist. Diabetics don’t heal themselves, they receive appropriate treatment from a specialist. It’s really that simple.

I had outstanding specialists who worked with me, talked to me, listened to me and helped me walk slowly and in one piece out of a very dark place. It didn’t happen overnight and it was not an easy journey. But I did it. And my life is so good now. I live in the light and I can only hope to be the light for someone else.

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