A friend I haven’t had any contact with for the past 20 years or so is now in my life. It’s amazing, we first spoke in the phone and talking was easy. I know thats the mark of a true friend is that you both can go a very long time without talking and pick up like nothing has happened. I do have other friends like that in my life already. This is the first time I’ve gone that many years without any sort of contact and then the next thing I know, we are talking to each other with the ease we’ve had before.

Of course things have happened to us in both our lives that neither knew about. My friend had no idea what we went through with Thomas and I had no idea what she’s been through with her family members. I know her early history but that’s where my knowledge of her story ends. I did not enjoy hearing what she went through but I’m glad she trusted me enough to tell; and I felt the same trust keeping my friend up to date on different aspects of my life. It’s amazing and I have to say she looks the same!! Twenty years have been very kind to my friend!

Twenty years. That’s a long time. But I trust that God had his reasons for the separation and now the reconciliation. I’m looking forward to spending more time with her in person and talking on the phone and having dinner dates with our husbands. It really is such a good thing.

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