Out From Work

Last week I tested positive for Covid. Of course I was home from work as a result. The first two days all I wanted to do was sleep so off to the basement I went to stay. Our basement is finished so I didn’t feel banned from society or anything. The following 3 days I felt like I had a really bad cold with a touch of flu. Ibuprofen worked well. So after my days of isolation and no longer being symptomatic I was ready to go back to work. Not quite. I had a tooth that abscessed and it was swollen like on the inside of my mouth. I figured my dentist would just change the antibiotic I was on. Nope. The tooth needed to be pulled. Now. So I called a local oral surgeon and the only time they could fit me in was the next morning. Another day off from work. The tooth pulling was not too bad. I was pretty anxious but there really wasn’t any reason to be.

So the next day (Wednesday) I returned to work. I had never been out so long; a week. I received the warmest welcome back ever from the staff. Teachers and paras told me they missed me, I was hugged and received phone calls saying I was missed; I was also told rather sternly “I hope you got that out of your system, you can’t do that again.” I felt so appreciated it was great. You don’t know how much your presence affects others until you’re not there for a while. I did receive texts while I was out and that was so sweet but the in person welcome back was really amazing. And school/work life goes on. Students who require daily care; g tube feeds, staff bringing in students for meds, students who are “walk-ins” to the nursing office with various complaints about how they feel and parents to call. I have no complaints, the past 3 days went well and as expected even though you really need to be able to expect the unexpected at my school.

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