Time and Marriage

My husband and I met when we were 15 years old. I’ll never forget. Tommy was removing old shoe laces from his sneakers to replace them with new ones. The old ones were all tied in knots and he was burning them off with a lighter. I didn’t know him and asked, “Do you always burn off your shoelaces?” Tommy looked up at me and I remember looking into those green eyes. I was like wow! He answered me back that the old ones were tied in knots, that was the only way to get them off the sneakers. He ended up that September attending the same high school I attended. In the meantime I had dyed my hair blonde and he was looking for me asking around for me. Everyone he asked said yes they knew me; I was a blonde. Poor Tommy kept saying, no, she’s not blonde… she has brown hair. It wasn’t until we met again face to face did he believe that it was really me with blonde hair.

We started off as friends and were pretty much inseparable. We went to concerts together, hung out together with friends. Keg parties. I liked him more than a friend but was afraid that if we dated it would ruin the friendship. Fast forward a couple of years, we were 17 and sure enough we were a couple.

We were married when we were 25 years old. This November will be 28 years married. And Tommy is still my friend. He’s the best friend I’ve ever had. He is smart, funny, generous, thoughtful, giving, caring, loving and kind. As time passes I feel like I get to know him better and better that there’s more to learn about him. With our kids almost all grown ( Samantha is turning 16 this August) we are able to spend time together alone and it’s nice. I have to say this is a sweet season in our marriage where I feel I can really appreciate my husband. Not that I didn’t appreciate him before; I always appreciated and respected Tommy but now it feels I do so on a different level. When your children are young everything is about them. Throw a special needs kid in there… what was less about you is even more so. Today I’m thankful for Tommy and the love and patience he’s shown me.

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