Long Weekend

Memorial Day weekend. Nice. When we remember those who fought for us and didn’t make it home and we can also thank those who fought and did make it home. I have a friends who fought and did come home and I’m very thankful for their presence.

This weekend we are celebrate with great friends at their lake house in upstate New York. Today the weather is exceptionally good especially after all the rain and cool temps we’ve had. I’m lounging on a beach chair with my friend, Martha on her boat dock/deck. The sun is surprisingly strong. I made sure to purchase sunscreen. It feels so good though. The sun. And listening to the lake lap at the shore. I haven’t gone further than stick my feet in the lake but that’s ok I’m not a big swimmer and there is this wonderful cool breeze that comes and goes so you don’t feel overheated.

A perfect get away for a long weekend. The lake is simply beautiful. Actually this whole area we’re in is beautiful. Lush greenery, mountains off in the distance, ducks swimming in the lake. I love watching the ducks they just go with the flow of the water. There’s a mama and 5 little ones. Just perfect.

The only thing that’s not so perfect are the bugs. On our first morning I opened up the door and there a crapload of moths stuck to the screen door. I was like “ Ahhh!!! Mothra!” For those not familiar with that word it’s from the Godzilla era films. Not cute then, not cute now. I know I should lighten up moths don’t bite as far as I know but still…

So here’s to one more morning of not getting up early, one more night of dinner and drinks with great and generous friends.!

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