After School Program In The Summer

I’m working at my school this summer as I’ve mentioned before. I was hoping for an after school program to open up for extra hours. Unexpectedly an opportunity fell in my lap, I couldn’t believe it. I work at my school from 8 am to 2:30, travel 10 minutes to another school that is participating in an after school program and there are D75 students attending. I’m at the after school program from 3pm to 6pm. However due to parents who do not pick up their children on time, I stay late. I’m not to leave until the last student is picked up and that has been anywhere from 6:30 to 6:45. Annoying, to say the least and totally rude in my opinion. Last evening we waited 2 hours. You can’t make this shit up.

Aside from the pick up issue it’s a good side gig. I’m responsible to provide nursing care if any of the D75 students have any health issues. Most of my time is taken up with one student who requires care and nursing procedures and that’s ok. That’s why I’m there. Besides it makes the time go faster. I’d rather be busy or have a schedule to follow than do nothing.

This past Saturday I sat for the National Certification of School Nurses exam. I scheduled it months ago and have been studying off and on. Mostly taking practice tests. I’m proud to say I passed!! 200 questions. It wasn’t the most difficult test I’ve taken but it wasn’t the easiest either. A lot of growth and development questions, first aid nursing interventions for various situations, and many other scenarios. Studying and taking those practice tests was definitely the way to go. I am proud of myself for this certification.

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