The Youngest Child

My youngest child turns 16 years old tomorrow. I feel as though time totally slipped away from me with her and just went so so fast. I remember my pregnancy and her birth crystal clear. Samantha is actually my rainbow baby, I had 2 losses before her. As my husband said, 3rd time’s a charm, and she was the one who stayed with me. I don’t know why I wanted a 4th child. Even when Thomas was at his worst people would say jokingly, “So you’re done right?” Haha…. And I would truthfully answer No, I’d have another. And the weird side glance looks would ensue. But whatever, I had my life to lead and I wasn’t living for “them”.

Samantha’s due date was July 31. And all my kids before were born on exactly their due date; go figure. So that day, 16 years ago I was impatient. My sister figured that she wanted her own month since Alyssa, Tommy and Thomas all have July birthdays. Well she was right. Samantha entered the world August 1st at 11:37pm.

Sam, as she likes to be called, is absolutely her own person, marches to the best of her own drum, or whatever other cliche that’s said to describe someone who breaks the traditional mould. She never was a girly girl and still isn’t. When high school opened to in person learning Sam jumped at the chance to play sports. First volleyball then wrestling. I was like wrestling? Ok. Whatever makes you happy. She ended up placing 2nd in the city her first year. Pretty great.

Samantha talks to me. I’m honored actually that all my girls talk to me. But being that Sam is so different than her sisters I’m really glad she trusts me and feels comfortable enough to let her guard down and be open and honest with me. I don’t judge but I will give my opinion solicited or not.

Sam did not want a big party. It’s her birthday and we never pressured our girls to do what we thought was “right” when they had other plans. Right now she’s enjoying her friends in our backyard after celebrating fairly quietly with close family yesterday afternoon.

Happy birthday to my last baby, the one who teaches me to accept people for who they are, not who I want them to be. The one who God blessed me with. Actually I truly believe God granted me my wish for a fourth child and He said, “ You want a fourth? Oh I’ll give you a fourth…”. And here she is now 16 years old. We traveled a different road of parenting with this girl than our older girls. It hasn’t been a terrible road, just a road that has a different terrain. And Samantha led the way.

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