Almost Done…

There are 5 remaining days to the summer program; but who’s counting; everyone. I’m counting definitely since I signed up to work the after school program from 3pm to 6pm. And it’s only until 6pm when all parents pick up all their kids on time. When the parent runs late I have to stay until the last student’s parent arrives for them. I’m still astounded at the rudeness of certain parents who take advantage of coming late to pick up their child. Especially since their child has been at school all day and until 6pm. Seriously?? You’re late again??? Omg. I’ll say nothing more.

Other than the daily parent rudeness I don’t mind working the extra hours. It’s extra money which is always nice so no complaints there. I am tired though. I’m antsy for my summer to begin. Summer program lasts until August 12 which falls on a Friday, WhooHooo! None of that last day being on a Monday bull shit, thank goodness. Samantha and I are going to the Jersey Shore for a few days the first week that I’m off. We’re staying at a bed and breakfast about 2 blocks from the ocean. It’s going to be nice. The town we are staying in is quiet without a loud boardwalk, Yayyy! And Samantha and I are both cool with that. Asbury Park is a 10 minute walk away so we visit the boardwalk there. It’s not crazy busy and loud and that’s ok with the both of us.

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