Vacation Here I Come!

Friday, August 12 is the last day of summer session, I’m really happy about that. We return on September 6 and the students return September 8. It will be an exciting back to school time; my school is moving to a brand new building. We’ve been packing up the nursing office this summer and it’s been interesting what one finds when cleaning out cabinets and closets. There was a large box of medical supplies that the packaging had turned yellow as well as the item itself. They were obviously expired and unusable, so off to the trash they went. Those supplies go way back to before I was hired, I can only imagine how old they were. And why so much? There are some nurses who hoard supplies. I’m thinking my predecessors were such hoarders.

When I first began packing I thought we would have just a “few” boxes. Ha! I couldn’t have been more wrong. At last count there were 18 boxes and I’m sure there will be a few more before the end of the last day. I had to call parents to pick up their child’s medications. They, the parents understood we were moving and couldn’t leave meds with us until September so they came today and other parents will arrive tomorrow.

Enough about work, I’m itching for the hours to fly by! My day hours at school usually pass pretty quickly, it’s the after school program hours that get me, especially lately. I’m just antsy to begin my summer vacation time. I took the day off yesterday and Tommy, Lelly and I went to the beach. It was really nice, the weather was clear and sunny and hot. The sand became very hot later in the afternoon, the kind of hot that makes you want to hop from one foot to the other or just run across the beach right into the water. Tommy and I walked very, very quickly down to the water which was so refreshing. I have to say though, taking a day when you have 2 days left before you are off is like a tease. Plus I felt like I was playing catch up when I returned to work. Whatever. It’s over and done. And after today we have one day left !!

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