Good Bye Tompkins Ave

Those of us who worked the summer session left the building yesterday for the last time. Walking through the hallway, down the main staircase and out the main entrance. It was so bittersweet for sure. This is where I began my career that I didn’t know I would love so much as a District 75 nurse. This is where my son began school when he returned to Staten Island after residential school. Where I came to train after being hired by the city and when the principal was told I had a son who had attended this school said, “Oh, she’s a Hungerford mom, we want her.” This is where I met the staff that I really hit it off with. All sorts of positions too, paraprofessionals, teachers, social workers, you name it. I’ll never forget it took me 3 years to get a particular para to just say hello to me. She is tough, man. Then one day she brought in a student with a suspected fever and she swore this student was feverish. I didn’t say anything, took the temp and she was right! I gave her mad props for picking that up and ever since she’s said hello, and talked to me, joked with me. It felt good!

I’m excited to see the new school and start new beginnings, with most of the same staff of course. To see the new nursing suite that I’ll be working in, to be able to decorate a bit. We return to work September 6 and the students return on the 8th. It will definitely be a busy time for us to get things put away, set up, enter new orders in the computer. Have I mentioned I was told we will be getting new work computers? The one I’ve used for the past 5 years is older than dirt. No camera, no microphone, big honking tower on the side. To participate in a remote meeting I had to use my cell phone. Good times …. So yes new office equipment will be absolutely welcomed and appreciated.

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