Going Back Home

We’re flying back home tomorrow. Vacay is ovah, I say in my most New York accent. We’ve had a great week in Aruba. The people here are so so calm, laid back and nice. The resort staff are very concerned with you enjoying your vacation and they do just so much to make sure you are satisfied. It’s been wonderful of course. I miss my kids and my mom though. We’ve been texting and last night Tommy called Lelly and when I heard her voice I almost broke down. We chatted for a few minutes, it was good to talk to her.

Our flight isn’t until early afternoon and for that im grateful. Early morning flights coming home can suck as we have experienced. This week has truly been relaxing and refreshing. This was our first time in Aruba. We’ve talked often about returning to Hawaii where we went on our honeymoon but with that long flight and then jet lag plus the time we’d like to stay (about 10 days) it doesn’t seem reasonable at this time of our lives. After visiting Aruba; Aruba beats Hawaii. We had one morning of rain, the Caribbean ocean was so amazing, it only took us about 4.5 hours to get here, the people are incredible and the food was delicious. I did not have one bad meal all week. Oh and there’s a whole strip of shopping, from inexpensive tourist booths and shops then a mall with “mall stores” and then you had Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Prada boutiques. Amazing. Nope no complaints here.

It will be nice to go home and just “be” before I return to work in September. Summer session ended on the 12 of August, the 15 through the 18 Samantha and I were in Ocean Grove then Tommy and I took off on the 20th. Even though I’ve technically had 2 vacations I am ready to be home and get caught up with everything. Oh and I didn’t mention the suite we stayed at here in had a washer and dryer so no coming home to a major load of laundry. Yayyy! We both did a couple of loads of washing clothes, so we are packing mostly clean clothes. Amazing.

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