And We’re Taking Off!

After working the majority of the summer, me 10 hour days with after school program hours; and Tommy overtime. We are finally off to our much anticipated vacation to Aruba. We’ve never been there, heck we’ve never been outside the US unless you count a mini cruise to the Bahamas many years ago which I don’t. We are sitting on the plane in first class, also a first for us. We’ve always flown coach. Let me tell you this upgrade is so so cool. Water, breakfast, included is one checked bag, a blanket, head phones. And the leg room!… I could go on; I feel like the ultimate tourist just on the plane. There’s a family with half in first class and half in and they’re yelling back and forth to each other about the movies they’ve found on the screens. Oooookay that’s enough. Quiet time now. Our flight leaves at 7:45 am which means we were up at stupid dark o’clock this morning. It’s ok though, we like arriving to our destination early. We left the house super early to get to the airport and it’s a good thing we did. We had trouble getting our print out tag for checking my suitcase, that took way too long and thankfully an employee saw me having difficulty and helped me out. Yayyyy! We were on our way to the gate! When we entered the plane I thought we were in the wrong seats, I’m like this is NOT what we are used to. Sorry to go on but this is so so cool!

I even have a book to read! When I graduated from the Bachelors program I was so happy to not have any school work to do I went out and bought a fire tablet and purchased kindle unlimited from Amazon expecting to complete all this leisurely reading. Not. Instead, when Samantha and I went to the shore earlier this week I forgot the charger for the tablet and then ended up purchasing a paper book at one of the shops in the town we stayed at. I could have simply made note of the title and purchased it from Amazon but that would have made too much sense now.

Tommy has the window seat. I don’t like to see what’s going on. I’d rather sit here, write, read, pretend I’m doing anything else besides taking off on a plane. I’ll fly even though I’m not particularly a fan, but sometimes it’s totally necessary to get where you want to go in a timely manner. I’ve both driven and flown to Florida. I’ll take flying over driving anytime. The longest flight we’ve been on was on our honeymoon to Hawaii. It’s 10 hours I believe. We had a couple of layovers coming and going at that time so many years ago. Now I understand there’s direct flights to Hawaii, I’d rather do that than change planes or pick other people up.

The flight was uneventful and we’re all settled in in the villa. Life is good.

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