I have a doctor’s appointment today; in Manhattan. It’s a run of the mill yearly appointment, not with a specialist or anything dire. And with today being a Jewish Holiday I’m off from work so it all works out well. I’m finding the older I get the less patience I have for most physicians who practice where I live. Specifically those who are supposed to specialize in woman’s health. When I was younger and having my children I used midwives for 3 out of 4 births. I received excellent care. I then had 2 losses and when I became pregnant with Samantha I received care from a male obstetrician who treated me like glass. But a few years later he passed away.

I then sought care from a very popular physician’s assistant (PA) who practiced under a very popular male OB/GYN here where I live. The PA turned out to be a flake who never returned phone calls and the popular doctor blew me off with concerns and questions I had about women’s health. Then, when I tried to make an appointment with another practice I was told I had to wait 3 months because I was a “new patient.” I felt like I was running in circles. How was this normal or acceptable?

Thankfully I was recommended to this wonderful woman run practice with an incredible reputation. I was sold! The only thing is that they are in Manhattan. Fine, whatever. I’ll travel the small distance by public transportation to receive “good” care. Well it is so so worth it. The woman physician I was recommended to answered every question I had and explained away all my concerns. I didn’t feel like I was being high maintenance or asking questions I was supposed to know the answers to. I’m a nurse and I like to think I’m reasonably smart, but I’m not an expert in all things related to health.

Why am I taking time to travel; however small the distance to another borough for “routine” health care? I’m thankful I don’t mind going to Manhattan, truth be told I enjoy going to the city. But… why do I have to go just to receive basic routine healthcare and visit practitioners that treat me appropriately, return calls, answer questions, etc…. I have one physician practice, my general practitioner who is 15 minutes from where I live. They are wonderful for general care. I see a Nurse Practitioner who doesn’t rush me and always asks if there is anything else before I leave. Wonderful practice. Well you can’t have everything . I’m off to the east Village !

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