Spring/Easter/Passover Break!

I slept in this morning to the glorious late hour of 8 am. Public schools; of which I work, are on break beginning today, whoooohoooo! I don’t have many plans. We aren’t going away and Sam will be home as well so that’s cool. After a mid morning virtual appointment I spent some me time at TJ Maxx and scored a pair of designer shoes; so yay!!

But seriously, and I’m not bragging; to have this long of a break is really nice. One of the perks of working for the DOE. As an RN I took a pay cut to work Monday to Friday, weekends and holidays off. I also get school holidays off and all the breaks like winter, February, etc…. I don’t complain about my paycheck, the city makes up for the difference in many ways. I work after school programs and since my school is a 12 month program I work summer school. I don’t mind working summer program, it goes fairly fast and there’s still a couple of weeks when it’s finished to take a vacation and go away.

I never thought I would work for the DOE. Actually until about 10 years I wasn’t sure I still wanted to be a nurse. But…it was the only thing I was trained to do and the only job I could get hired for. So after much soul searching I began applying for nursing jobs; part time at first which led to a temporary full time gig at an agency and when that was over then the DOE. I knew I had applied for what’s called here; District 75. Special education and medically fragile student population. I’m so glad I hit that submit button when I began to have second thoughts about applying. The next thing I knew, two days later I was being interviewed and then hired. As I’ve written so many times I love my job. I love what I do. Many of these students are very medically fragile and I’m trusted with their care. It’s humbling. And I enjoy using my nursing skills, just when you think you’re not going to use a skill you learned in nursing school along comes a student who needs that procedure. It’s amazing.

So getting back to “the break.” It’s really, really nice I can’t lie. And today the weather is exceptional. I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday this spring season, whatever you celebrate !

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