A Different Size

I’ve written about my weight gain as a side effect of medication Ii take. I must take this medication if I want to stay not depressed. I enjoy being happy l; I do not enjoy being the weight that I am. I’ve always been on the slim side. Even after I had my kids I lost the weight I gained from being pregnant with them. Four times I gave birth and four times I lost the weight. I was also smoking cigarettes after I had the kids so I’m sure that helped with the weight loss.

Even so when I quit smoking I didn’t gain much weight maybe 5 pounds but that was ok and didn’t make much of a difference in my clothing size. This weight that I’ve gained had made a huge difference in what size clothing I have to buy. It took a lot for me to accept the size I am now. To stop buying clothing in a smaller size with the hope that I would lose the weight. I tried weight watchers but the desire to eat overcomes the desire to stick to a diet. So I’m not doing well on that front.

I do find that accepting my body for what it is right now and buying clothes that actually fit does wonders for the way I see myself. Trying to squeeze my self into a size or two too small  makes me feel uncomfortable physically and psychologically. In my mind I’m concentrating on how tight those pants are and how “fat” I am because the pants are tight. It creates a vicious cycle on some level.

On another level of my acceptance I’ve gotten rid of a lot of clothes that are now too small. It was not a painless process admitting I was too big for certain favorite pants or tops. Since I only buy designer at the thrift I have managed to sell some too small clothing on the bay for a nice profit so that has been nice.

The most difficult part of accepting this new size of mine had been this summer. You can suck in your stomach and instantly feel slimmer but you can’t suck in an upper arm and I refuse to give up tank style tips and dresses. I will still take photos but I *really* don’t like the way I look in them. But…I don’t want my kids to look back and wonder why I’m not in any pictures with them. The beach has been another frontier. I stick with a basic one piece or 2 piece tankini that covers all. I do go in the water with Samantha (she loves riding the waves). I refuse to let my insecurities keep me on the sand only; besides you see all different sizes and shapes at the beach.

My husband has been wonderful, never once has he made any kind of remark about my weight. He does tell me how happy and content I seem and that makes him happy to see me that way. He gets annoyed when I put myself down and tells me I look fine. He’s sweet and I love him.


Weight gain

I’m the heaviest right now than I’ve ever been in my life aside from being pregnant. I loathe it; seriously. I tried Weight Watchers and managed to lose 10 pounds but then fell off the wagon around Easter and I’ve had a very difficult time going back to counting points and wondering if I was over my point allowance, did I use up all my “extra” points for the week? I was inspired to try Weight Watchers from my cousin Toni who was and still is doing great on the program. I’m back to being inspired by her and back to following the program. Hopefully I’ll keep it up and lose more weight. I’ve always been on the thin side. I know smoking did help with keeping my weight in check. I’m not advocating smoking cigarettes as a weight loss aide but whether it be the nicotine or any of the other (God knows how many) chemicals in cigarettes there’s something there that keeps your appetite from being out of control.

My husband is wonderful and has never mentioned my weight gain,  he tells me not to worry. I think he’s concerned that I may stop taking the anti depressant that caused the weight gain. I won’t do that, it took me long enough to find the right combo of meds to make me not be depressed. I would not want to start over again. If I have to choose being happy and overweight/thin and depressed I’ll chose happy and overweight. I can’t tell you what it took to admit that and even type it out. I really don’t enjoy shopping for clothes anymore. Don’t get me wrong I still do my thrift shopping gig but I get a bigger kick out of shoes and bags more than ever before. There’s no judgement or “fit” for shoes and bags. The right shoe or bag can elevate anything you’re wearing and just make you feel fabulous.

I’ve also ventured into the love of watches. Don’t ask I don’t know where that one came from. I’m thinking much like shoes and bags; with wearing a watch it really doesn’t matter what size you are. Finding watches while thrifting is not easy, there are people who thrift or yard sale shop specifically for watches. I’ve managed to find a couple of nice ones but nothing much to write home about.

So here’s to being back on Weight Watchers and keeping track of points and staying within the lines of their rules.

Snowed In

Like most of the country on most of the East coast we’re snowed in. It’s not so bad the kid are older so there’s less fighting, note I said “less” fighting, not “no fighting”. Somehow a 14 year old will find a way to annoy the crap out of a 9 year old and vice versa. But all in all it’s been a quiet day.

I’ve been reflecting on my blog. When I started, my intent was to talk about being a personal shopper and write about all my wonderful thrift finds.  Well, I’m no longer a personal shopper, it didn’t take off as I’d hoped but that’s okay, God had other plans. My first entries are all about my thrift finds and trying to sell said finds. I wrote about my husband and then finally Thomas and and all we went through when he was a baby up to his life now.  In fact Thomas’ whole life story is here in this blog. (See July 2013 and scroll through, I don’t know how to link, sorry :))

I’m still thrifting. The thrift store is my happy place. No one bothers me there and it’s where I go to escape for a little while. I have my phone on me so it’s not like I’m unreachable.  I have a thrifting face as my daughter once told me. We were thrift shopping together and Alyssa stopped me to ask a question, I said, “What??” and she said, “Mom! You should see your face!” Some people have a resting bixch face, I have a thrift face.

I still write about Thomas, I’ll probably always write about him. I wouldn’t be who I am now if it weren’t for him. I had certain ideas and opinions of what it was like to be a mother as we all do *before* we have kids. Being Thomas’ mother humbled me in a way I still find difficult to describe. His many diagnosis’ opened up new worlds and new people into those worlds. People I never would have met and appreciated and loved had he not been special needs. If Thomas were born a typical child I would have grown to be a different person and I’m not so sure I would have liked her. This is not to say I wouldn’t give anything for Thomas to be typical. I just wouldn’t want to give up who I became as a result of him not being typical if that makes sense.

I still write about God and my Savior Jesus Christ. I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am without the Lord in my life. His love and direction keep me focused and have shaped me and brought me to spiritual places I’d never have reached without Him. My love of the Lord spills into my writing when I least expect it or intend it to. I guess that’s what happens when the Spirit takes over. My fingers start flying on the keyboard or on my phone and I can’t find the words fast enough to tell people how much God loves them. I wish for so many people I know to realize that God is real. Jesus died for them. And all they have to do is ask Jesus into their heart.

It’s still snowing.




The thrift and a spiritual rut

Why do people donate badly stained or ripped/torn clothing? I’m not talking cool ripped denim jeans I mean blouses with horrid pit stains and sweaters with obvious moth holes. I don’t get it. Maybe because I’m an avid thrift shopper I only donate things that I would buy. If it’s stained or ripped it goes in the garbage not to the donate pile.

Speaking of which I had a slight laugh when I was thrifting today. I came across 3 tops I donated and yes it took me a minute to realize they were once mine. No, I didn’t buy them back 😜.

I did pretty good today at the thrift.  I happened upon a really nice lightweight denim dress that retails for about $180.00 the name is “Bella Blue”. Who knew? Not me that’s for sure. I learned a new high end retail name today. I also bought a new Hollister tank with stones at the neckline and a new silk blouse. Everything is washed and pressed and hanging in my closet ready to be worn.

I’ve been doing some soul searching lately and I’m in a spiritual rut. I need that fire that can only come from the Holy Spirit. I’ve talked and prayed about it and I’m going to attend another bible study tonite. I went to one last night but it didn’t do it for me. I also emailed one of the church staff members asking if he needed any volunteers for anything. I need to be with others and I want to serve or rather I need to serve. I felt a little better after I wrote the email. I also had a wonderful and insightful conversation with Louise who runs tonight’s bible study. Louise is just so good. I’m glad I have her in my life. I listen to a lot of christian music and it is so uplifting and speaks so much to my soul. I adore the band Casting Crowns. Their song “Just Be Held” speaks volumes to me lately. 

They’re such an awesome band.

Summertime and the thrift

It’s still summer time here, the kids don’t go back to school until September 9th. I know that’s late for many parts of the country but here it’s the norm. I’ve been enjoying this lazy pace. Samantha refused to go to camp so she’s been staying up late and then sleeping late in the mornings. Daniella is only 14 and desperate to find a job but not many people will hire her at this age so she’s been home all summer as well. Soon we’ll leave for vacation and I can’t wait. To carry on this lazy pace in a different place with good friends that is near a beach sounds like a great plan.

I still go into work 2 days a week and even that has been enjoyable to have a break from staying home with the kids. Yesterday I was finished early and it stopped raining so I went thrift shopping down East 23rd st between 1st and 2nd avenues. I really enjoyed myself, I didn’t buy much just 2 tops but it was enough to satisfy my thrift craving. 3 out of the 4 thrift stores were over priced, in my cheap opinion anyway. One was a Goodwill and I wasn’t impressed. The second was a thrift store to benefit an animal rescue group and they had this little yippy barking dog there. Not pleasant and very expensive so I left without buying anything. The third was a Salvation army and that’s where I bought the two shirts, one tank and one silk sleeveless blouse, $5.98 for both. Just my speed. There were also Jimmy Choos shoes but were too small (a 6 and 1/2 for anyone who’s interested)  so I left them. They also had a gorgeous leather handbag that looked new but I’m not in the market for anymore handbags right now.  The last store I went  to benefits an AIDS foundation I believe and they are known to be pricey but I went in anyway just to look. I was there anyway. This particular store loves to put their most expensive finds behind glass cabinets and tease you (I feel teased that is) because you can’t buy those things that day.  I think they hold an auction for said expensive finds but that doesn’t interest me. Finding treasures at the thrift is more my speed. Anyway I left with nothing from there.

Samantha is now up and eating breakfast chatting up a storm to me while I write this. Time to start the day…


I have too many shoes and my husband will wholeheartedly agree with me. I can’t help it, it’s some sort of sickness and I know I’m not the only one “suffering” from said sickness. I’ve tried to downsize but I only succeed in getting rid of shoes that never fit right or are just plain ugly and I’m then having a “wth” moment. I can’t get rid of most shoes for fear I’ll need it someday with some outfit in the near and not so near future. I have a gorgeous pair of red high heeled sandals with rhinestones that I bought on sale over 10 years ago. It was the type of sale where I could not leave them there. I’ve yet to wear them. I’ve also never thought to get rid of them.

My girls love when I go through my closets and take stock of my shoes I have one pair that Daniella fell in love with a few years ago when her foot was too small for them. She made me promise to not get rid of them, to save them for her when her foot grew enough to wear them. Of course I saved them.

Even when I thrift shop I have to check out the shoes. This is one instance where I don’t buy shoes all that often. I’m funny that when I buy thrifted shoes they must be in like new or new condition. The only exception are high end designer shoes. I’ve thrifted Louboutins, Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks in nice condition and happily skipped out of the store with my treasures. I’ve also found Manolos for a good friend I think I was as excited as she was.

So maybe this fall I’ll take another look at my shoes and see about downsizing…Maybe.


I have this song running through my head this morning, Blessings by Laura Story. Yesterday my husband and I were talking to a neighbor who also has a special needs daughter. Many of you know about our Thomas who is also special needs. We’ve been through many, many trials with Thomas. And everytime I hear this song I think of him. What if our greatest trial is God’s blessing in disguise?

Anyway, when we were speaking with our neighbor she mentioned that she often wonders what her daughter would have been like had things been different. My husband replied that he often thinks the same thing about Thomas. I do think that also about Thomas. The big “what if?”  What if he’d been born “normal”?. What if? It almost makes you loathe the word, “if”. That word can hold so much. Thomas is one of the greatest achings of my life. It still pains me that he cannot live at home. I know my husband feels the same. I love Thomas for who he is now, not what he could have been. Thomas being the way he is changed me as a mother. And if I were to be able to change him to a “normal” person, would I then have to change myself to how I was before he was in my life?

I honestly don’t dwell on the what ifs because it is pointless. I tend to focus on the present and future which can hold enough worry all by themselves.  But this song speaks so perfectly to my heart. Especially when she sings, “This is not our home…”  No, this is not our home. I often wonder if when I do meet our Lord will I ask Him questions about my earthly life. Thomas being in the forefront of those queries. Why were we chosen to be his parents? Why did God make things so challenging? Why the heartache? Or will I even care at that point? What I do believe is that when Thomas meets the Lord and joins us, I believe he will tell us himself. It will be glorious to hear my son talk clearly and coherently. I was given a glimpse of this in a dream I had a couple of years ago. Thomas was just a typical teen and him, Alyssa and I were just sitting in our front sun porch talking to one another. I have no idea what we were talking about I just remember Thomas being “normal”. I know when we’re all in heaven together we’ll all talk again. God gave me a preview.

Thrifting day!

Today I was in Manhattan and I *had* to stop by my favorite Salvation Army on the upper West side.  To be honest I was there to see my therapist and lucky for me she’s near the thrift store :).  As my dad said, I had a whole morning of “therapy”.  He was right!

I first found amazing brand new Vince slip on sneakers.  Did I mention they were brand new??                                               I was ecstatic to find they fit me perfectly .vincesneakers

On to the the clothing section!  There I found a perfect pink t shirt by Splendid, an awesome Free People tank, Joe’s Jeans shorts and Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans!

joes jeans

I then took a look behind the glass case where they keep the sunglasses and jewelry.  None of the jewelry caught my eye but these sunglasses sure did.  Oversized tortoise frame, oh my!  I asked to see them and I was thrilled to find out they are Vera Wang, still being sold online.


And bonus selfie wearing said sunglasses


I know they are a little big (haha) but I don’t care I love them!

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I’ve written in this blog.  Nothing much has changed since my last entry. I’m still working the job, I still love the Lord, and the family is fine. I’m just quiet. I don’t particularly like being quiet. I need to be shaken up a bit, but in a good way. I’m searching and applying for other jobs but I’ve only been met with rejections. I keep reminding myself that where ever I am is exactly where God wants me to be. I have handed over my trust to the Lord that another job will come along when He feels the time is right and it’s where I’m meant to be. So right now midtown Manhattan twice a week is where I am meant to be and where the Lord wants me. I don’t dislike the job, I do wish I had more hours and more people interaction. I like chatting and interacting with the public. Speaking of the Lord, I’m enjoying church and bible study. I’ve been quiet at both venues though. I used to be very outgoing during bible study, sharing my thoughts and ideas. As of late I’ve been taking a back seat and let others be vocal and just take it all in. There we go with the quiet issue again. I haven’t had anything to share or felt the need to share. I so want to change that. Again I need a shake up. I’m still thrift shopping, finding treasures here and there.  Last week I found the cutest Chanel t shirt and the week before brand new Diesel denim that fit like a glove. Lucky for me both were in my size so I was happy with those scores. On the Thomas front, Tommy and I are officially his legal guardians. When Thomas turned 18 Tommy and I had to file for legal guardianship of Thomas so we will be able to continue to make decisions for him as he is incapable of making decisions for himself. We were fingerprinted and back ground checked.  I find that mildly amusing as no one said boo to me when I gave birth and we were sent home without any kind of instruction manual. But then Thomas turns 18 and we’re subject to whether or not we are capable of being his guardians. We seemed to do a fine enough job for the past 18 years…

In the city with my Alyssa

With yesterday being the last full day of school for Samantha, Alyssa and I decided to take advantage and we headed to Manhattan to thrift shop.  The thrift scene around here has dried up with me personally not finding the former awesome finds I’d become accustomed to.  Just a bunch of department store clothing.  Not thrilling, IMO anyway. 

So we took the ferry across to the city and promptly caught the uptown 1 train.   On the subway we were then serenaded by 2 older gentlemen, one was a former member of The Drifters we were told.  After the singing we transferred to the number 2 express train which got us uptown in no time! Alyssa being a typical 15yr old talked my ear off the whole time.  I’m not complaining I enjoyed it, I loved hearing her unfiltered point of view regarding just about everything important in her life.   We got off at 96th St. and Broadway to hit the Salvation Army there. Yes we went that far uptown :).   I love this store, you seriously never know what you’re going to find.  Sometimes you hit it big other times…not so big.  Like I’ve walked out of there empty handed with a heavy heart but that’s the thrill of the thrift, the hunt!

This time both Alyssa and I both scored.  She found the coolest pair of “genie pants” (think more attractive MC Hammer pants) that are apparently very in style right now.  The pants looked brands new and were from TopShop which can be quite spendy in price.  Alyssa also found the cutest sundress perfect for summer.  But then again she is 15 and what wouldn’t look cute on her?  I scored with True Religion denim that fit perfectly (squeal!), a zip around Kate Spade wallet and awesome cotton/linen J Crew pants.  I heart J Crew when I score it at the thrift. 



After about an hour or so we called it quits to get home early as Alyssa was getting together with friends and I wanted to have lunch before picking up Samantha. We caught the express train downtown and were all set to transfer to the 1 to the ferry terminal when the conductor made an announcement that the service to the ferry via the 1 train was interrupted and gave instructions to catch another train. Alyssa and I exited on Fulton street and oh my goodness we had NO idea where to go which way was the ferry?? After a couple of false starts I spied 2 building security guards on a corner and asked them how to get to the ferry. They were nice enough to give us directions and off we went! I’d say we walked about 10 blocks, far enough IMO.

I’d say our day was a fun thrifting success and more importantly I had a great time with my daughter.