My father in law, “Chick” passed away early yesterday morning. He was 80 years old and probably the sweetest man you’ll ever meet. I met Chick when I was 17 years old almost 30 years ago. He never failed to make me feel welcome in his home. He always had a smile on his face and a twinkle in those blue eyes. The kind of man people would say, “He’d give you the shirt off his own back” and the truth is Chick actually would do that. He adored his family both blood and by marriage. I never felt like an inlaw with Chick I felt like an actual daughter because he treated me like one.

He loved me like a daughter and I loved him like a father. It was easy to do with Chick. He was warm and affectionate and never failed to make you feel at ease. He adored his grandchildren with an unabashed adoration that was sweet to bear witness to. I will miss him and my children will miss their Poppy. There will never be another Chick nor should there be, he was truly one of a kind.

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