This Week…

This week my family said goodbye to a father, a grandfather, a husband, a father in law, a friend, a neighbor, an all around wonderful man. It was one of the most difficult wakes and funerals I’ve been through. This man was my father in law who treated me as if I were his own daughter. I blogged about him in my last blog post titled “Bye…Babe”. Chick called everyone “Babe”. It was his term of endearment. I always felt his warmth when he called me Babe.

I’m truly going to miss Chick. Or Chicklet as I used to call him. He would smile when I addressed him that way. I can’t believe he’s gone. Just before he became ill I was telling him about my new job. The job I am hired to do now. That is how sudden the decline in his health came upon him. He was happy for me when I told him about the job. But that’s the way Chick was, he would be happy for you, not jealous or envious because you were doing something he wasn’t.

The funeral was so very difficult. It was truly the very final goodbye to a very good man. Marie, my mother in law and his wife broke your heart. She loved him fiercely and him her. When I cried with her she would say to me, “you have no idea how this feels…” and I would just look at her with tears in my eyes and say no I don’t. How could I know how she feels? I can only imagine and I’m sure that isn’t even close.

I’m going to miss Chicklet and his kind and loving manner. The father in law that was more than an “in law” to me.

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