The Movies

We went to the movies last night. It was supposed to be only my husband and I but Alyssa wanted to see the movie also and there went our childcare for Samantha so she came too. It was all good though it was nice to get out all together. Lelly was at a party with her friends. We happened to run into my best friend Jenn while she was on the popcorn line with her guy Gary. Jenn and I seem to always get together spur of the moment or unplanned like last night. It was great to be together.

The movie we saw was The Shack based on the book of the same name. I read the book some years ago and I really liked it. There are some parts that still stick with me especially concerning God’s love for all his children. It makes me think about how much I love my children and that God loves us even more than that. Amazing and hard to wrap my mind around some days.

The movie does a great job of portraying how we need to look to Jesus for what we cannot do on our own. That we must keep our eyes on Him. I find that to be true in my life. When my father in law was ill before he passed away I prayed for him. I prayed for a peaceful passing or for him to return to his former health. Only God knew what was to come. It’s funny because I still remember the last conversation I had with Chick. He was well and we talked about the job I have now. Chick talked about how much he didn’t like living in the nursing home and specific things that stuck out as particularly demeaning to him. Within the next ten days he died. It still seems surreal and I miss him. He’s the first person I was that close to, to have died. I was 14 years old when my grandfather died, 26 years old when my grandmother died and those deaths didn’t impact me the way Chicks death did.

I didn’t have the relationship I have now with the Lord. I knew my grandparents were going to heaven just as I know Chick went to be with the Lord in heaven. When my grandparents passsed they seemed to go so far away from us. When Chick passed it felt like he simply went to a place we couldn’t go yet, but it wasn’t far away. That he wasn’t far from us. I still feel that way about him.

I remember feeling so loved by God at that time and that His arms were around me and I was loved, so very loved. It’s an amazing feeling that I wish upon all. I truly felt like I was resting in the arms of Jesus. Knowing God isn’t so far away and knowing that all who passed before us are with Him is a comfort and helps ease the pain of them not being here with us.


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