New Glasses

IMG_2318I recently splurged on a purchase of new glasses. I usually wear contact lenses since I’m irreparably scarred from the huge I wore while in 5th and sixth grade. I won’t even try to find an embarrassing picture. I’m sure if you are of my age group and were a tween in the early 80’s and you had to wear glasses you know what I mean and are probably as scarred as I’m.

When Tommy and I were away we were shopping at the outlets and I happened upon an eyeglass frame store. They had a table of designer frames at a fraction of the retail price and well… if you know me you know I had to take advantage of this deal. I brought the frame to the place in the mall who did my contact lens exam and had them put my prescription lenses in. I even let them talk me into thinning out the lenses and some anti reflective something for another $50.00.

The glasses were ready last night so Samantha and I ran out there to pick them up. I even wore them around the mall and to the supermarket after. This is huge for me I never and I mean n-e-v-e-r leave the house with my glasses on. It’s always contact lenses. Always.

So here I am ready to face the day with my new glasses. The frame is a bit bold but that’s ok I wanted it that way. I’m tired of getting really small frames that try and hide how thick my prescription is, but the truth is nothing can hide how thick my prescription is so I might as well embrace it.

Here’s to new Glasses!



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