Snow day!

We were supposed to get this horrendous blizzard wth tons of snow. The mayor even closed the schools yesterday before a flake even fell. Since I’m abstracting charts in a health center at one of the local high schools I got a snow day as well 😀.

This past weekend. I cleaned out my closet a bit. Tommy “gave me” his armoire since he doesn’t really use it. J promptly cleared it out and it now houses my handbag collection. I think I counted like 18 or so bags. And before you say anything, YES I use all of them.  I change bags quite often and I know I have a problem… There’s something about bags and shoes, sigh.

Today I’m cleaning out the basement a bit. We have storage closets that seem to get fuller and fuller with each passing year. I have a old set of dishes from when we were married. It’s not a complete set so don’t ask me why it’s still here. I also have my grandmother’s china. I really have no use for it nor do I have a China closet to display it. I’m not sure what to do with this set. We’re having a house sale at my inlaws this weekend so I guess I’ll transport it there and maybe someone will buy it. You never know. I’m also in the middle of dusting and laundry while I’m down there. Fun times I tell you. But in all honesty it’s all good because if it were nice out and I was off from work I sure as anything wouldn’t be down the basement.

I also found boxes from 16 years ago when we moved here. Decorative plates I used to collect, and a carving knife and a coffee percolator. I’m sure the last 2 are over 20 years old. I have no idea why they never made it out of the basement. I also found the most adorable picture of Lelly and Alyssa at my inlaws block party. They must be at least 5 and 2 yrs old. They are standing together eating cotton candy.

Im sure I’ll have to go de-ice my car soon. I’ll enjoy being holed up in the basement a little longer.




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