My boy is home

He’ll be 21 years old in 3 months, I still call him “the boy”. He’s taller than me yet he still bends down to hug me so that his head is on my shoulder. Thomas is home for Easter. Tommy picked him up yesterday and Thomas is looking forward to going to church, he asked me last night if we were going. I’m happy he’s looking forward to church. It shows you how Thomas soaks things up when you don’t think he’s even paying attention.  I’ve talked to him about God during our trips to and from his school. I’ve told him that Jesus loves him; and when I say that Thomas has the biggest smile on his face

I don’t think I’ve written about the women staff at his residential school. Thomas came home one weekend and he told me about the music the women play at his school. Music with songs about God. I asked him again just to clarify and he said the same thing again. I was so happy that even though I couldn’t get him to church the Lord was making sure Thomas knew of his love. So one night when I called to talk to Thomas, I asked Danny, one of the staff about the music Thomas told me about. The staff member stammered a little bit nervously and explained that the women staff “sometimes” play music for the residents. I quickly assured Danny that is was ok seriously.  That we are Christian and I was very happy that Thomas was listening to worship music. I realize that conversation could have gone a very different way had we not been believers. But God knows what he’s doing and placed these Christian women in Thomas’ life for a reason. All of the staff have been in his life for one reason or another.

Thomas’ social worker is amazing. She’s gone out of her way to care for Thomas. She takes him shopping and they love going to IHOP together with the nurse manager. Lest I forget the nurses. They’ve been wonderful in keeping me updated with med changes and any other issues that arise.

We’re still waiting for Thomas to move into the group home here where we live. As far as I know the state has his paperwork and they’ve requested updated evaluations. As far as I’m concerned it’s a step forward no matter how small. I’ve handed this situation over to The Lord. Thomas will move when the time is right for him to move.

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Easter ! I hope all of us recognize this holiday for what it really means; that our Savior lives and death was defeated! We serve a mighty, awesome God!

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