Brooklyn, I’ll be here a while…

This past Friday another abstractor nurse and I were asking for more charts to abstract and wondered aloud how many more had to be completed? One of the office staff overheard us and offered to take us to the “chart room”. There we found files and more files of charts that had to be abstracted. Wow was all I could say. I was hoping the two piles they gave us were all that were left; haha! Guess not.

I don’t hate it here, really I don’t. The ride in, even with traffic is not that bad, I get right off the Belt Parkway after 2 exits and today being a Monday (no opposite side of the street parking) I found a parking space pretty quickly hence me having enough time to blog.

I must say being here in this neighborhood has changed the way I see Brooklyn or rather has educated me on what I thought was the norm rather than the excellent. The biggest misconception was that Brooklyn was mostly apartments. Nope not here. There are a ton of private detached homes and they are beautiful and wonderfully kept.  There are many apartment buildings and multi family houses but not as much as I had originally pictured in my mind when I learned I’d be working here.

I can now parallel park with the best of them. I rarely to never parallel park where I live, it simply isn’t necessary most of the time since parking is pretty plentiful in most places.  But here in Brooklyn… you better get your game on and remember what you were taught in drivers ed boy! There is rarely a space you can park in by going head on. Spaces that I never would have attempted at home figuring I’d never fit…well I managed to fit this fairly big SUV that I drive. I’m still pretty proud of myself no matter how many times I do it.

There are a ton of stores under the “L”. I only went as far as the corner pizzeria, but last week the nurse I was working with wanted Burger King and I went along for the walk. Oh my goodness I had no idea what was there beyond the corner, lol! I’m not looking to shop while I’m here so my wallet is safe. I seriously had no idea the shopping Mecca that is 86 street under the L. Btw I was just honked at while crossing the street for not crossing fast enough. Good morning!



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