Root canal

Ugh! Those two words are enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. I went to the dentist yesterday morning after being in pain all day Friday. I was at work and had a hard time concentrating on charts while pain was shooting from my upper gum to lower jaw.

After seeing my dentist,  describing my symptoms and having an X-ray, Dr. I determined that I needed a root canal. Today. I agreed while holding back tears. The last root canal I had done was horrible. The guy was a butcher who left me in pain for days after the first visit. After the second visit he finished the root canal and I was still sore. Then the office called me to say I owed them money because their receptionist quoted me the wrong fee *after* I paid them in full.  No I did not want to return to that guy… And I reminded my dentist of that fiasco. Dr. I contacted a different endodondist who told me to “come now”.  I walked back home to tell Tommy and jump in my car to go.

Dr Mirman was wonderful as was his staff. After I arrived and determined that yes I wanted the sweet air/nitrous, I was led to an exam room and the assistant immediately set me up with the nitrous. Dr. Mirman came in a few minutes later to introduce himself and give me Novocain. He said, ” I don’t want you to feel anything at all” I thanked him and felt like I was in good hands. When he started the assistant put head phones on me with music playing to drown out the drill. I thought that was great!

I have no idea how long the root canal took but the next thing I knew it was over. Done. The whole thing was done in one visit. They took an X-ray and I was out the door and on my way to Samantha’s softball game. I was a bit sore yesterday but nothing Tylenol couldn’t handle. I was still able to go thrifting and then on to the mall later. Yes I was fine 😉.

If anyone local needs a root canal I highly recommend Dr.Mirman in Oakwood.



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