Prayer. I firmly believe in it. Prayer is powerful. The problem is we don’t want God to answer “no”. Or “not yet”. God always hears us, no matter what the question, plea, or cry. He doesn’t ignore the prayers of His children. I know every Christian can testify to answered prayer even when that answer wasn’t what they wanted at that moment.

I remember when I was suffering from depression. It was more than oh woe is me I’m sad depressed… it was bad, clinical depression. I used to pray for God to take it away, to take away the depression. I would also pray for Him to guide my doctor in his choice of medicines he was prescribing me. God is afterall the great physician. God did guide my doctor I know this as fact, God chose this doctor for me so I had to trust my doctor and submit to his knowledge of how to treat depression. There were times I cursed the medications that didn’t work or had horrid side effects but it was not my doctor’s fault. Nor was it God’s fault. Finally my doctor hit the right combo of meds for me and the depression lifted and I was able to live and laugh again. Be a happier Mom and wife. It was great to feel like myself again. And I owe this to God, my doctor and prayer. My prayers and the people who were praying for me, people I didn’t even know.

My mom recently had major surgery. I prayed to God that he would guide the surgeon and the nurses to give my mom the best care possible. I placed my faith in The Lord. I’ve  laid both my parents at the Lord’s feet, I couldn’t carry the worry about them any further. I know they are believers and are saved. Thy will be done. It’s powerful to truely lay your worries at the feet of Jesus. There are so many times we lie them down then take them back,  lie them down again and take them back, rinse; repeat. I haven’t taken the worry about my parents back. I know my God will answer my prayers for them in the way He sees fit. My parents have people all over the country praying for them. I don’t think anyone could ask for anything more.

Prayer. It’s more than asking for favor or for things. It’s also for worship. Glorifying the one true God. Thanking the Lord Jesus Christ for going to the cross for us. Thanking God for all He has provided and the people He has placed in our lives, our jobs, our children…The list can go on and on. God hears you when you talk to him. He hears our prayers.

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