She’s 16 years old. My “baby” before Samantha came along. My Daniella. She got the nick name “Lelly” from Thomas not being able to say Daniella. It started out at Da-lella and for whatever reason ended up at Lelly. We all still call her that although I notice in front of her friends, especially if it’s a large group, I’ll say Daniella.

Suxteen…my strong willed little girl is now a strong willed young lady. She’s stylish, she’s sweet and she talks to me. Actually talks to me, about her fears, her future, school… and other things I never thought she’d tell me as her mom. I hope she keeps on talking to me because I cherish those talks.

Lelly and Alyssa are best friends. I know that can be rare but they really do enjoy each other’s company. They talk, fight, make up, laugh and laugh some more. They are each other’s confidants. They even include Samantha in “sister time” and it’s incredible to see your kids get along like that.

She loves the Lord and is not ashamed of her faith or beliefs. She has and will argue with teachers over the theory of evolution. The first time was in junior high and I couldn’t have been more proud. My girl stands up for what she believes in and that is awesome. She won’t shrink down. I should have seen this coming about her since she was always a child with a willful streak, I’m thankful that willfulness has been contained and she unleashes it in a manner that can only be described as polite and intentional.

So sixteen, the time both went very fast and very slow depending on the times of our lives. I’m glad God gave me this child to raise up to a young woman. I can’t imagine life without her.

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