Anger. It can tear you apart, keep you up at night, color your vision of other people… I remember I used to be an angry person. I was angry at my brother. I won’t go into specifics; it is unnecessary. We all have someone in our lives that has made us more angry than we thought we were capable of ever being. I carried that anger around for years and it didn’t feel good to live that way.

I have forgiven my brother. And the anger has gone away. He’s my brother. Not one of us is perfect, we are afterall sinful by nature. And God has mercy on us regardless. He doesn’t give us what we really deserve for our sins thanks to the price Jesus paid on that cross. By following Christ we are instructed to become “Christlike” be more like him and less like ourselves; a sinful human. So in forgiving people who have done wrong to us we are acting as Jesus has commanded us. This is not to say we aren’t to have barriers or distance from those who have hurt us or become a doormat. Not at all.  By forgiving we release ourselves from the anger we have towards that person. I know I’m my experience once I have forgiven the person who hurt me eventually I feel empathy towards that person and there’s an understanding that comes upon me recognizing that that person wasn’t well or wasn’t in their right mind to do such hurtful things. I don’t necessarily forget what was done and/or said but I don’t become blinded with anger at the memory.  After all, forgiveness is what God does all day for us when we sin whether it be by thought, word or deed.

We only have one go round in this life. I choose to not live mine filled with anger. I also chose to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and forgive accordingly. I know I’m sinful and I know I need a Savior and God in my life. I know God forgives me for the many sins I commit and is patient with me; oh so patient. Why would I not at least try to be that way to others? I’m far, far from perfect. And God still forgives me.


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