Mother’s Day 2017

I had the honor and privilege to have spent Mother’s Day with not only my mother but also my mother in law. Both women had a hand in shaping me to be the woman I’ve become and I am so thankful they are both here with us.

My mom had quite the health scare these past 7 months. She was diagnosed with bladder cancer, underwent chemotherapy; then had extensive surgery to have her bladder removed. She was hospitalized about 5 days after her surgery then spent a couple of days in rehab to regain her strength before finally going home. While in rehab my mom received the news that the cancer had not spread past her bladder, there was no metastasis!  Wonderful news! When my mom did arrive home she was met with 6 weeks of meals from the church they belong to. Not only that, the ladies from church also sent a cleaning crew to clean the house!  Incredible. I love watching the church be the hands and feet of God.

Yesterday I felt so thankful and happy to be so appreciated. My girls showered me with chocolate covered fruit and strawberries not to mention the very touching heartfelt card. Alyssa posted an awesome picture of me on Facebook with a sincere touching sentiment attached. That picture was taken when her and I were visiting a college for her. This is how selfless she is. That day was about her and there she is taking a picture of me.

I’m unbelievably gifted to have my girls and Thomas and Tommy as my family. I’m thankful that God chose us to go through our lives together. I’m so thankful God gifted me with the time to spend with my parents.  I also feel that my mother in law is a blessing to me as well. I’ve known her since I was 16 years after old. To say she hasn’t had an influence in my life would be a lie. My mother in law is a very strong woman with a definite mind of her own. She taught me a lot over the years, most importantly she influenced the way I cook. There were even a couple of occasions where my meatballs tasted as good as hers; the ultimate compliment!

I can’t thank my husband enough for such an amazing Mother’s Day, to feel like a queen and be given gifts such as time spent with family together is priceless.




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