Back to the “Box”

I’m in between work assignments and currently not working. So that means I’m going back to the  “box to color my hair. Going to the salon and having it done for me was nice while it lasted. I’m relieved in a weird way, now I can go and do different shades of blonde like I’ve done in the past and not have to settle on just a touch up. So there I am in ShopRite in the beauty section on the phone with my Mom asking advice on blonde hair dye. Interesting…we settled on a light blonde color by Féria/L’Oréal. I don’t know when I’ll do the actual coloring. My roots aren’t noticable yet although if you ask my daughters they will say “roots are in”. I’m lucky to have such fashion forward advisors at my disposal.

I’m also growing my hair out long, well as long as it will grow. I’ve tired of the short hair phase I went through this past year and half. To be honest I never felt pretty when my hair was short. Don’t ask why I kept cutting, I guess because it was easy and not much upkeep. Anyway now that my hair is a bit longer I feel more attractive. Actually going to the gym makes me feel more attractive. Not that you can tell I even go, there’s no visible muscles…yet. I can’t wait for the days to come where I’ll see a difference in the “before” and “after” me.

Im trying to make the best out of being home these days. It’s easier to get dinner ready and I’m caught up with laundry so that’s a plus. I miss working though and I pretty much can’t wait for the new assignment to come through. Until then my family gets homemade meatballs and  marinara sauce. I get to listen to the dang dog bark all day…

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