The Gym

It’s been a week since we joined a gym. It’s a first for me, not for my husband or Alyssa and Lelly. I refused to join or go when I gained all this weight. I felt so insecure and intimidated. Like I would be the only “imperfect” person there. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was almost giddy to see people if all shapes and sizes at the gym.

The first day we joined Tommy and I went that evening. I didn’t know what I was doing but Tommy did so I followed him and he was great; nice and patient. The next morning Alyssa came with me and that was fun, we traded off doing sets on the various equipment/ machines. She was just a lot of fun to be around and most important she showed me how to download Netflix on my phone so I could stream tv shows to watch while on the treadmill or exercise bike. It really makes the time pass quickly.

Even Lelly came with me one evening but she flat left me to take a cycling class. She had a good time and even joined the gym herself. I find I’m very centered when I’m at the gym, and I enjoy it immensely. I find everyone else there is very focused on what they are doing and not paying a lot of attention to other people. I like that. I was supposed to meet with a trainer so she could do a fitness assessment but they double booked her and by the time she got around to me I was at the end of my workout and looked at her like you’ve got to be kidding. We rescheduled for next week. I’m eager to see what she’ll have me do and how she does said assessment.

I even find myself praying at the gym. It’s easy to find that focus and pray for whoever and whatever comes to mind. I know God hears me, He always does. I probably should pray before working out and ask Him for additional stamina or something like that but it doesn’t come to mind. I just want to get there and get started. God is everywhere even at the gym.

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