Job Interviews

I’ve written that I am in between work assignments with the company I currently work for. Well I’m so in between that I’ve been laid off for lack of a better term. It was even suggested that I apply for unemployment while I’m waiting; which I did. I have not been given a return to work date so I’ve decided to apply to other RN jobs for the heck of it.

I have two interviews this week! I was stunned because I didn’t think my resume was all that great and I felt that that I put it together in a haphazard fashion. Well I must have done something right.

I did pray about the being laid off situation. I prayed that I know God has a job for me whether I return to chart abstracting or it may be something else. And it will be the right job because He has already set it up and I must be patient because God’s timing isn’t the same as our timing. I trust in the Lord.

I received the first phone call reviewing my resume and setting up the interview one day after they received my resume via a popular online job board. I was so surprised. We set up the interview and I excitedly called my husband and then my mother.

The second interview was scheduled via email two days after I sent them my resume via the same online job board as the first. I sent a confirmation email in return saying that I will be there at the prearranged time.

I seriously can’t believe it. I’m excited and nervous of course. I know The Lord is with me and He will never fail me. I will be praying for His guidance and wisdom for the interviews. And I know He will hear me. I have complete faith in God.

If I’m not offered either position that will be ok too. It only means it wasn’t meant to be and God has something else in store for me. He has a plan. I only need to trust in Him and have faith.

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