My Girls, So Different

I love spending time with my girls. I love the ages they are at and I’m so proud of the young women Alyssa and Lelly have/are grown in to. Samantha is coming around slowly but surely taking up the rear at almost 11 years old.

Alyssa and I went food shopping together and I totally enjoyed being with her. She is smart and funny and so easy to talk to. I sometimes forget she’s so young when we are having conversations. She’s a positive person hardly negative at all and her positivity rubs off on you. I find myself seeing things her way at times and it’s a refreshing take on life.

Daniella and I have a sweet connection. She talks to me and I’m honored that she trusts me so much. It’s not every Mom that has a 16 year old daughter who tells you exactly how she feels, where she’s going and what’s going on in her life. She’s also a very encouraging person. I was taking about a job interview I have tomorrow and she said she has every reason to believe I will do well. Love her.

We used to call Lelly the “feel good baby” because she was always smiling and such a happy baby. She was my smallest baby as well so we called her “bird” back in the day.

Samantha. Oh Samantha…she’s completely  different from Alyssa and Daniella in that she’s not at all a girly girl. She loves video games and watching You Tube videos. She also has a difficult time controlling her reaction to anger provoking situations and frustration as well. She isn’t into clothes all that much but in the same breath she’s incredibly picky about what clothes I buy her. Definitely an enigma. But…after all is said and done Samantha is very easy to be with. And not a high maintenance person.  She is fun to laugh with and fiercely independent. She’s one of my kids that couldn’t wait to get to walk to the corner store by herself. I do believe she was younger than Daniella in meeting that oh so important milestone in our neighborhood.

These girls. They are Christ followers and have each been baptized in their own time independent of me wanting them to be. If you had told me 10 years ago that my girls would love the Lord the they do I would have fallen over in disbelief. Back then we had no regard for the Gospel and no church to call home. Today I’m so proud of the way my girls serve the Lord and they aren’t afraid to stand up for and spread the Gospel. I thank God they are so involved with our church and have been fortunate to have had  the influence of Godly young women who have mentored them through the years.

These girls. I’m lucky to have them.


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