A New Beginning

I had an interview yesterday for the position of school nurse for the special needs school district of the city. I’d never been to the area I had to get to for the interview. I took the ferry over to Manhattan and then 2 subways to where the interview was to be held. I arrived nervous but unscathed.

I was escorted to the floor and met with another woman who made sure I was seated comfortably and I was then given a folder with a nursing exam that included an essay…My essay was short, sweet and to the point. It was supposed to be 150-200 words. I started getting worried I didn’t have enough words.  I began counting words to make sure the essay was long enough. I then opened the exam portion and was totally blown away by some of the questions. There was math such as medical dosage calculation and also how many ml/hr should a tube feeding be if the total amount given was in ounces. Things I haven’t thought about or done in years!  I finished the test convinced that I failed.

I handed over my essay and exam and proceeded to wait; and wait; and wait. I killed time posting to friends on Facebook and texting my mother and husband. After a long while I was called into another room for the interview. First we reviewed the exam, I scored an 81 which made me very happy that I passed!

For the actual interview I was facing 3 nursing supervisors, one had a very stoic demeanor that I tried so very hard to crack and here and there she did smile. I was asked various questions and given multiple situations and how did I handle them?  What was the outcome? I had to dig deep to answer some of their questions. And I was graded on my answers to the interview questions, if I didn’t answer the question exactly how it was worded I wouldn’t gain points in my interview. At one point I managed to peek at one of the interview’s paper and I saw a lot of “8”s. I took that as a good sign.

After the interview I was told to go wait where I was before. Thankfully I had a great view of Manhattan to take my mind off what just happened. Before I knew it one of the interviewers called me over down the hall and introduced me to the supervisor of all the nurses in this school district. She was pleased to offer me the job!  I got the job!!  I couldn’t stop smiling and thanking her. She described the benefits I would receive working for the city and to expect a phone call from another individual who would request more information from me and give me instructions on fingerprinting and such necessities.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I practically skipped back to the subway station. I detoured off my route to the ferry to Century 21 for retail therapy. After browsing there a while I had not found one thing I wanted to buy. Amazing I tell you.

When the interview was set in place, I began to pray. I prayed to God if this is the road I was to take then I will follow Him. I submitted my life to The Lord and prayed that He would find my way for me concerning a job that He sees fit. God is so good!

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