Birthday Season

July begins birthday season for my family. Thomas kicks off the first one on the 5th, Tommy the 9th, Alyssa the 12 and Samantha who had to have her own month; August 1st. It’s a little hectic but better now that everyone; meaning the kids, are older.Thomas turns 21 and Alyssa 19. They are 2 years and a week apart in age. Lelly and I have our own birthday month of April, I’m the 3rd and she’s the 29th.

Thomas turning 21… how is it I can remember every little thing about the past 21 years of his life yet forget to buy dental floss when I go shopping? I remember everything about my pregnancy with him. I wouldn’t drink coffee the smell made me nauseous, I couldn’t eat chicken no matter how it was prepared and I craved red meat. I remember being excited to wear maternity clothes.

I loved being pregnant. I loved being pregnant all 4 times but your first is something special. It’s all so new and scary and exciting all at once. I can’t believe it’s been 22 years since my first pregnancy and almost 11 since my last.

So summer birthday season sets off all sorts of nostalgia for me. I remember coming home from the hospital with Thomas a day early because all my night shift co workers kept visiting me at night! So I wasn’t getting any sleep…haha little did I know what the meaning of “no sleep” really was; I learned that real fast.

I’m in awe that Alyssa will be 19 this year. I really enjoy watching her grow into the young lady/adult that she is. She still amazes me. Just as much as she amazed me when she was born and then growing up. She “wrote the book” on making many milestones when she was a young child and continues to do so even now.

My last, Samantha. The youngest our last birthday of the summer. August 1st. I was due with her on July 31st and my sister said, ” Nope, this one wants her own month” and she was right. Samantha arrived at 11:37 pm August 1st, 11 years ago.  I think Samantha really likes having her own birthday month. We can’t group her in with the July birthdays her’s is too far away. The only drawback is trying to plan birthday parties for her. Everyone is on vacation at that time it seems.

Samantha is definitely her own person; nothing like Alyssa or Lelly. She’s a fun girl, loves group sports and being on a team and not that high maintenance as far as clothes or hair go.  She’s more independent at her age than Alyssa and Lelly were. I don’t mean to compare the girls but I can’t help it when the two older are so alike and the youngest one is so different. Same parents, same environment. Samantha definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer.

So in a couple of weeks birthday season will be in full swing! Here’s to everyone having the happiest of birthdays!

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