In His Presence

In His Presence. We live in His presence, God is with us even when we don’t feel like He is there, even when we wonder why He’s “allowing” something evil to happen. He’s is always with us, and He will meet you where you are.

When I met the Lord for he first time I was so, so angry with God. Thomas was in and out of the psychiatric hospital and I was very angry with God because I wasn’t privy to His plan that involved my son, me, my whole family. I was sitting at a traffic light listening to a cd of a band called “Casting Crowns”. The song playing was called “Praise you in this storm”. Out of nowhere I had this crystal clear vision of Jesus standing behind me. He was cupping his hand and catching my tears with the other hand on my shoulder. There He was. He met me there right where I was full of anger and confusion. After that I wasn’t angry anymore, The Lord took my anger away and I was ok with the fact that God had a plan and I didn’t know what that plan was. He was in charge and that was fine.

Before I met The Lord and realized His presence was all around me I would grow frustrated that I couldn’t feel Him.. I wanted proof that He was there. After that encounter I felt different. I felt touched by Him.

This past October we experienced the passing of my father in law, my dad had emergency surgery and was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer and my mom was starting to battle bladder cancer. It was a very trying and emotional time for our family. What strikes me the most about that period of time is the love I felt from God. I felt completely encircled by His love. Especially during my father in law’s funeral. The Lord’s presence was almost palpable to me and I’ve never felt that way before. It made me even more certain that God is always with us and that my father in law wasn’t “gone” but that he merely crossed over to heaven and was with Jesus. I miss him don’t get me wrong I miss him terribly but I know we will see each other again.

We are always in God’s presence even when that presence feels absent. The Lord will never leave you or forsake you. That is His promise and it’s a promise that I hold close to my heart.



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